Stop questioning it and Start owning your true value.

New date:
In-person Workshop
16th March 2024

You want to appear nice so you are constantly discounting and trying to do deals with people instead of standing in your power as an entrepreneur. Really, you are fearful of clients saying no. 

Apologising & discounting?

The constant uncertainty means you are consistently negotiating with yourself before you have even talked to anyone.  The impact of this is you are worried you can't make this work. 

Constantly questioning yourself?

So you find yourself under charging and over delivering.  Self doubt and feelings of self worth are impacting your business. 

Confused about what to charge?

 too many times to count right?   Are you:

Let's Talk About Worth:
How many times have you questioned it, negotiated it & doubted it? 

There are so many unknowns in business. However one thing I do know is this:
Your mindset influences everything.

Gain a clearer understanding of your own unique value. With our simple strategies you will stop questioning your worth and get on with the reason you are in business...to make a difference and a living.  

Become confident in your ability to make a difference and a living

it doesn't have to be like that

Christina W.

"We’re back in love with our business, excited about what we’re doing and achieving more than ever before. Mandy's approach has made a really big difference!"

Women Owning & Respecting Their High Value.

You are here to make a difference in your life and the lives of those you serve. You can’t do that if you are undercharging, over delivering or confused about what to charge.

How we feel about ourselves on the inside will be reflected by our results on the outside. Our self worth is  driven by our ability to give and receive equally.

Let’s make sure your self esteem and your self worth are not put in charge of your business or your results. 

A one day workshop where you will learn how to become rock solid in your real value. 

I'm inviting you to WORTH

Charge what you are worth without apologising. 

Deliver service you are proud of without second guessing your value and worth. 

Present your programmes and your rates with confidence.
Earn the income you need, want and deserve

Stop being afraid of the NO

Stop letting self doubt take up so much room.

As a woman entrepreneur, business owner, team leader or enthusiastic employee...

Get ready to: 

+ Date: Saturday 16th March  2024

+ Starting at 9am and finishing at 5pm.

+ Morning tea and lunch as well as all day tea and coffee is provided.

+ Location: Conference Room
Venus HQ
148 Great North Road,
Grey Lynn, Auckland

+ Workbook is provided as well as exercises that you will be able to use  any time. 

+ Spend the day in the company of other amazing women.

On the Day

On the Day

All the details: 

+ By the end of this day you will become confident and rock solid in your ability to raise your rates.

+ Our brain has an enormous capacity to change and adapt to circumstances. This is called neuroplasticity. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Our ability to think in a more balanced way about ourselves has a positive effect on our physiology, biology and the chemical compounds in our brains and body. Mindset influences everything, including our sense of self worth.

+ Your perceptions are formed by your ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through your senses. In that moment of perception you judge something as right and wrong. Including yourself. This judgement creates beliefs, emotions and actions that can be either positive or negative. 

+ On this day we work to balance your perceptions so you can balance your mind. When you balance your mind, you balance your body and your actions. (And your bank account.) 


On the Day

In Person Workshop

Here's the Plan

Ready to make a move?

Steph J

" Taking a day off to work on my business and to dream and scheme under Mandy's guidance was a tonic. Mindset is a word that gets bandied around. To do a workshop that breaks it down & demystifies the process into some practical skills & illuminating concepts of how some negative things can have a suprisingly positive impact, is really valuable. A fun encouraging and positive day."



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I’ve been fascinated for years about our ability to stay stuck and small when we are born to be so much more. The unconscious mind is so powerful when we don’t challenge our beliefs and actions with techniques that give lasting results. 

For more than 12 years I have been incorporating the science and techniques of transformation into my life, and the lives of hundreds of clients that I have worked with. Having a  greater understanding of the world we live in gives us an advantage.

Having to get over myself to stand up to a system that wasn’t working for my family, happened because I had to trust and believe in myself. You can too with the techniques I share at WORTH.

You are here to make a difference in your life and the lives of those you serve. You can’t do that if you are undercharging, over delivering or confused about what to charge. I’ve been there and done that, so let me save you a whole lot of resentment and confusion. 

Let’s make sure your self esteem and your self worth are not put in charge of your business or your results. 

I’m Mandy Beverley,
A business & mindset coach. 
I’m here to help you elevate your life and business to the next level.


"Magic is believing in yourself.
If you can make that happen you can make anything happen"


Verity C. 

 "Since working with Mandy, I've felt more relaxed and in control, and am really excited about where we're taking the business now. If you're feeling stuck or a bit directionless, talk to Mandy and I'm sure she'll have just as big an impact on you as she's had on us" 

Ready to get started?

Bring your biggest fear, challenge or worry to the day and let's shed some light in your business and move past what's holding you back.

Get ready


Space is limited because this is an in-person small group workshop. This day will have you looking at your business and the unconscious motives running it, in a new way.  

Book your seat


Commit to you

 Treat yourself as the most important person in your life. Change happens when you put yourself first. You'll be so pleased you did.  


So, what are your next steps?

Lisa D

" Thank you for setting my mind on a path that balances out the baggage of the past and helps me look forwards to grow my business in a healthy sustainable way.  Your WORTH course provided a lot to think about regarding our approach to our self worth and how we often wrap that up in our business. Looking at the positives and
 negatives have been
 instrumental in our growth and
 my company and I have appreciated your sage advice." 

On the day one lucky person will win a one hour consult with Mandy
to apply to any area of her life.  Value $350



I know there are things  standing in the way of women like you  serving more people.  I don’t want self worth to be one of them. That’s why I have created this  workshop
It means  Women Owning & Respecting Their High-Value.

It's time to charge what you're worth and create the business you love.

don't miss this opportunity



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